Welcome to the Dutchess County Environmental Management Council Website

This website is dedicated to acting upon the mandate given in 1972 by the Dutchess County Legislature under New York State Law to provide guidance on matters involving decisions about the environmental quality of the legislation under consideration. In addition, the Environmental Management Council advises citizens on matters that relate to the environment by publishing reports, publications advisories, and other  documents that are helpful in making environmental decisions.  The Dutchess Environmental Council also undertakes investigations under the direction of the Legislature to explore solutions to specific the the interests of the legislature.  It coordinates it’s activities with other county and township agencies to groups to insure all resources are brought to support the Dutchess EMC mission.

Another important role of the EMC is to recommend ways to improve the coordination and effectiveness of public and private projects and other activities within the County as they affect the natural environment. The EMC coordinates with conservation advisory councils, conservation boards, local town and planning boards, and private groups.

Membership of the Dutchess County Environmental Council is by appointment by the Dutchess County Legislature from candidates who have provided the Clerk of the county Legislature some correspondence showing an interest in participation in this council. For more details consult the “Get Involved” page of this website.

After a period of dormancy, the Environmental Council was reconstituted in 2016 to consist of 11 appointed  At-Large Members as well as Ex-Officio members from county and state government.  This website was created at that time and reflects the activity of the council from that date. You can find the Agendas and Minutes  for every meeting for 2009.  A listing of all members of the Environmental Management Council can be found on the “Members” page of this website.


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