EMC’s Mission & Functioning

EMC’s Mission
The primary mission of the EMC is to advise the Dutchess County Legislature and County Government on matters affecting the preservation, development, and use of the natural resources, features and conditions of Dutchess County that impact the quality of the environment.   The EMC also considers matters referred to it by the County Legislature for research and recommendations.

The EMC also serves as a link between County government and the public, educating citizens on environmental issues of concern. The Council helps raise awareness of environmental issues with the public through projects and events, and informational programs that are designed to increase understanding of the nature of local environmental problems and their solutions.  The EMC helps conduct studies, surveys, and inventories of natural resources which are of local, county, or regional significance.

Another important role of the EMC is to recommend ways to improve the coordination and effectiveness of public and private projects and other activities within the County as they affect the natural environment. The EMC coordinates with conservation advisory councils, conservation boards, local town and planning boards, and private groups.

How the EMC Accomplishes its Mission
The volunteer members of the EMC work on topics related to the needs of the community, such as environmental education, energy and sustainability, natural resource management, land use planning, and information exchange among county agencies and organizations and municipalities.  Most of the work is completed by members working though EMC Committees that are formed to address a variety of issues.