Community Communications

Publications in the Summer of 2012
Over the course of the summer of 2012, members of the EMC have been submitting articles to the “OUR VALLEY” , the environmental section of the local newspaper, the POUGHKEEPSIE JOURNAL. Each article treats some issue developed in the EMC’s State of the Environment Report. Below are links to the articles.

Publications in the Spring of 2018

IN the spring of 2018, the Dutchess Cunty environmental Council resumed communication with the citizens of Dutchess County by articles in the POUGHKEEPSIE JOURNAL.


The thoroughness of this listing depends on keeping the website informed about articles written by members of the Environmental Management Council(EMC) or Conservation Advisory Commissions(CAC) in each of the cities and townships of Dutchess Countty. Send Portable Document Format(pdf) files or links to online copies of the publication to the webmaster at this website.

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