At-Large Members (8) Appointed by Dutchess County Legislature:

  1. James Fredrickson, Chairman:
  2. Pete Berasi:
  3. Vicky Kelly, Recording Secretary: 
  4. Connie Kustas, Corresponding Secretary:
  5. Lora Schilling:
  6. Nancy Severns:
  7. John
  8. Candis Merrill
  9. Ann Wright:

View the Position Description for EMC Appointed Members.

Current Openings:

There are 2 current openings on the EMC, potential candidates are encouraged to contact the Dutchess County Legislative Clerk to apply.

Ex-Officio Members:

* Not actively participating

** Not officially an Ex-Officio EMC Member Agency according to the 1972 Law.

Conservation Advisory Council Chair (CAC) Members:

Each CAC or CAB in Dutchess County has one seat on the EMC.  Full CAC/CAB participation on the EMC ensures a Quorum.  Click here for links to obtain a list of townships that contains data about the CACs in Dutchess County.


How to form a Conservation Advisory Council in your Municipality

The place to start in the task of developing a Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) is to examine the enabling legislation from the State of New York. This document lays out the duties and responsibilities for such an agency. It also defines the limits and duties, defines important terms and clarifies the place this fits in the process of creating legislation for the municipality it serves. To make a copy for circulation of this “Article 10-F of the Municipal Law of New York State” click HERE

The Hudson River Estuary program has developed a short explanation of the role of the Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) and Conservation Boards(CB). This article features how to form such a council and what value it could have on the municipality it serves. To get a copy of this article click HERE

For a short explanation of the value of CAC’s to the government they serve click HERE.

To see a fully fleshed out “Guide to Operation and Operation of Local Conservation Advisory Councils” generated by Westchester County, New York you can click HERE.