Get Involved

Get Involved in Protecting your Local Natural Resources!100_3145

The Dutchess County EMC draws on the dedication and energy of volunteers appointed as at-large members, members from local Conservation Advisory Councils (CACs), and members of the public – just like you – to carry out its work.  The EMC’s meetings and events are always open to the public and we welcome your involvement.  Our work helps share information among county agencies, organizations, municipalities and member of the public about the issues of concern and what can be done about them to building a more sustainable future for the residents of the county. 

There are numerous ways to Get Involved:

  • Attend an EMC Meeting!  Your involvement and support makes a difference. Call (845) 677-5253 to confirm the time and date of ongoing monthly meetings.  Read the minutes of our meetings and agendas.  Our agendas cover the projects that the EMC will be working on month by month, laying out our core priorities for the next year.
  • Help us carry out projects.  We rely on volunteer involvement to help raise awareness in the community of environmental issues.  Help us publicize or plan events, such as an Earth Day event in your community, work with the EMC and others on a stream planting project, get involved with citizen science projects, or donate your time to a local school environmental program.
  • Bring a Local Issue of Concern to our Attention, and the EMC can help bring that issue forward to the Dutchess County Legislature and Executive Departments.
  • Submit your application to be considered for appointment to the EMC (dependent on open seats).

For additional information on how to get involved in protecting your local environment and natural resources, please contact us or email