Climate Conversations: Climate Hope for the Hudson Valley

The first in Sustainable Hudson Valley’s fall series of climate conversations looks clearly at the quickening pace of climate change and growing risks faced by our communities, combined with the just-as-fast acceleration of movements taking direct, positive action to transform the way we live and work.  Every other Friday from noon – 1:15 PM starting October 9, 2020 with this event.

Dave Conover, SHV’s Program Coordinator, is a lifelong educator who was recently trained by Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project.  He will summarize the realities from science and personal experience.  From teaching environmental science to non-scientists at Marist College to running the Clearwater’s educational programs, Dave has developed a unique overview of the Hudson Valley environment and honed his climate storytelling skills in the process.

Melissa Everett, SHV’s Executive Director, is a social scientist and skilled facilitator who is working with dozens of groups to convene a Regional Climate Action Planning process. She has been collecting data on regional climate action in renewable energy, transportation, materials and water management, agriculture, as well as documenting the emerging green economy in the region, climate justice issues, and the work underway to create resilient communities and educate the region for action. 

The Hudson Valley was a birthplace of the first environmental movement to protect land, air and water.  SHV is a leader in “the next environmental movement” to support new ways of living and working that restore economy, environment and the fabric of community.   The Climate Conversations series brings people together for informative, inspiring discussions that shine the light on action opportunities for today. Free.  Register here (required).

Next featured programs:

10/23/20  Juice: Electrification as Climate Strategy

A conversation on Marbletown’s plan to shift to 100% renewable energy, electrification as an underpinning of efficiency, the role of electric vehicles, storage and more.  With Tom Konrad, Ph.D., Chair, Marbletown Environmental Conservation Commission and Seth Leitman, MPA, Program Manager, Drive Electric Hudson Valley. Register here (required).

11/6/20 Resilient Places: A Systems Approach

A conversation about placemaking for resilience and equity with Cynthia Nikitin, SHV Resilient Places Fellow. Register here (required). 

11/20/20  The Repair Revolution

A conversation about taking control of your “stuff” and the emerging circular economy, with John Wackman and Elizabeth Knight, coauthors, Repair Revolution (2020, New World Library). Register here (required).

12/4 /20  Prospects for 2021

A round-up of strategies and predictions, special guests to be announced. Register here (required).

Join us!

Victoria Kelly

Manager of Environmental Monitoring Programs

Cary Institute of Eco System Studies

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